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The Future
of Cities

We transform urban spaces into neighborhood hubs that connect people to locally curated goods, services, and experiences. With an ecosystem of 4,500 locations and a team of 15,000 people, REEF is the largest operator of mobility, logistics hubs, and neighborhood kitchens in the United States, Canada, and has a growing presence in Europe. Together we are leveraging the power of proximity to keep our communities moving forward in a sustainable and thoughtful way.

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The Moment We Face

For the first time in history, more people are living in the world’s cities than outside of them. By some estimates, at the end of this new decade roughly two-thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas.

Urbanization, the on-demand economy, rising real estate costs, and traffic congestion have been straining our cities for the last several years. People are adapting by transitioning to more sustainable and neighborhood-centric economies. This transition has been accelerated by COVID-19, with a decade of change happening in months.

The rise of cities, big and small, and how we reimagine and reshape our urban infrastructure, will shape the future of work, our climate, how we eat, how we shop, and the very nature of our lives.

Parking Lots?
Yes, Parking Lots.

We built our cities for cars. In the United States about 50-60 percent of downtown real estate is used for cars. Parking lots are distributed within and across all of our large and small cities. But we believe a parking lot can be more than a place to store a car.

From neighborhood kitchens to grocery, last-block delivery for local business and DTC brands, open-air marketplaces, rooftop cafes, gardens, vertical farming, and outdoor neighborhood events. A parking lot can be redesigned and transformed into a hub for the community, connecting people to the businesses, services, and experiences that make a neighborhood thrive. 

The Power of Proximity

With a distributed real estate network of 4,500 locations and a team of 15,000 people across more than 50 cities, REEF provides a network and a platform for urban innovation that offers proximity to more than 70 percent of Americans.

A Big Platform for
Small Businesses

Whether an entrepreneur starting a new restaurant in the neighborhood, a growing local business delivering across the city, or a globally beloved brand serving millions of families across the country, REEF provides the platform entrepreneurs and businesses need to deliver their products, services, and experiences locally and at scale.

The Rise of the Neighborhood Economy

By working together we can navigate the current crisis, but also positively shape the future of cities, and in doing so help our neighborhoods become more sustainable and inclusive centers of community and opportunity.

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