Introducing REEF Technology

The ecosystem that connects the world to your block

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We Create Ecosystems

Each REEF hub is a thriving, connected ecosystem of businesses, cities and people, enabling the goods and services that keep us moving forward in a sustainable, thoughtful way.

We Provide Connectivity

REEF Hubs enable the last block delivery of products and services to more people than ever before, more efficiently than has ever been possible, due to proximity to areas where large numbers of people live and work.

We Develop Thriving City Hubs

Each REEF Hub has been strategically designed to provide buffer zones that allow delivery and rideshare vehicles to use our space so that city traffic and congestion can be reduced.

Discover how the REEF works


Redefining the possibilities
of parking

REEF hubs use technology to create a convenient and frictionless experience for the driver while providing landlords with a data rich environment to gather the insights required to succeed in today’s world. See the future of parking


Expanding restaurants instantly to new markets

With REEF KITCHENS, we enable restaurants to reach more people in the most attractive neighborhoods in hundreds of new cities – without additional capital – by providing turnkey solutions for food preparation and delivery staging and fulfillment. Reach more people now

REEF Ecosystems

Transforming parking lots into multi-use urban ecosystems

A REEF Hub in your city means there’s a central hub of activity bringing the world to your block. Each REEF is an urban ecosystem offering a variety of services including micro-fulfillment centers, bike and scooter rental stations, electric vehicle charging, rideshare and autonomous vehicle buffering areas, community spaces for pop-up businesses, and more.

Introducing REEF Technology

The ecosystem that connects the world to your block