Unlock more profit from your kitchen

Partner with REEF to launch trusted brands using your existing kitchen and staff. Everything from menu development, training and technical support are all included. No upfront investment.


REEF is the world’s largest operator of ghost kitchens and delivery-first restaurant brands. Our mission is to connect growing brands to kitchens looking to increase their revenue and reduce their waste. 




Employees worldwide



Same Staff,
same kitchen
Better margins

Their fame. Your fortune. 


REEF partnered with Grammy-winning artist and record producer DJ KHALED on the biggest restaurant launch in history. This REEF-exclusive concept is now live in 150 kitchens across 5 continents.

Man vs. Fries

This Bay area favorite is loved for its hella big burritos and fries smothered in cheesy, meaty goodness. The menu has developed a cult following on Instagram and can be found in over 15 cities (and counting!)


With over 500 locations, Wow Bao has perfected the art of delivery-first Asian-inspired street food. And they deliver much more than bao buns, allowing you to expand your kitchen to wow taste buds with their varied menu.

800 Degrees Pizza

Featuring the highest quality ingredients and a unique approach to woodfired cooking, this concept takes one of the most popular delivery orders–pizza–to another level.


Make up to 20% profit margins on incremental sales. 

How it works



We will evaluate your kitchen’s set-up, delivery demand in your area and sales potential against our network of brands.



Once approved, you and your staff will get on-site training on everything from menu prep to packaging for a perfect customer experience every time.



We’ll set you up with the supply chain, technology and training you need to launch your new brand (or brands!) on all the most popular delivery platforms.



We’ll make sure everything is ready – from fresh ingredients to fully prepped staff – to start taking orders on day 1.


IN the news

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DJ Khaled Partners with REEF on the Biggest Restaurant Launch in History: Another Wing

REEF and Wendy’s Expand Partnership across the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom



REEF identifies commercial kitchens that have the capacity to operate and host additional food brands within their very own kitchen. Our portfolio of brands resonate with customers and in turn provides an attractive revenue share to our partners with as little disruption and costs involved.

REEF will hold your hand throughout the process, including the set-up on the delivery platform (Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo), supply chain, and will arrange for you to be trained by our culinary team.

You then run the brand like your own operation.

We have 200 shopfronts operating our brands across the UK, with sales ranging between £1.5k and £4.5k in additional weekly revenue on Delivery only. Please note the range is determined on your kitchen operating in line with our expectations i.e. good prep times, no missing items, strong app ratings and high up-time.

Our account management function will provide key insights and data to improve operations and in turn generate more volume for your site.

With an average ticket size of £21 and additional volume (c.150+ orders), our existing sites trading up to £3.5k a week are not requiring any additional staff members.

The menus have been structured to operate and assemble at ease ensuring little to no disruption to your core business.

Winter 2022 offer – No joining Fee!

We operate a revenue share model with all our partners, whereby REEF covers the Delivery aggregators fee and the Brand royalties we pay our brand partners.

Depending on which brand is being operated, the cost of goods sold can range between 23-31%, which leaves our partners with an attractive profit margin

Within the M25 (London, UK), we ensure to keep a minimum of 2.5 miles distance from any existing brand. Our third party delivery partners fulfil the last mile logistics, so this provides a fair catchment to all and ensures driver efficiency within an operating delivery zone.

Outside of London, we try and maintain a 3.5 miles distance. If the sites are close with an existing partner, we will offer an alternative brand that will suit the operators kitchen and location without cannibalising any sales.