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Empowering property managers to exceed tenant expectations at every touch point.

Turn old parking spaces into new revenue streams.


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Setting Up Property Owners for Success

Residential buildings, commercial spaces, retail units, and office towers. Each of these properties houses tenants with expectations – and property managers oftentimes pressed to meet them.

Every touchpoint integrates technology to enhance the consumer experience, optimize the workforce, and increase safety.

REEF’s on-site ambassadors:

Deliver Your
Sanitize Your Packages
Manage Traffic &
Provide Seamless Customer Support

Enhancing the Tenant Experience

REEF elevates the tenant experience with staff services tailored by client and property type. We identify and close tenant experience gaps with offerings such as concierge service, traffic management, mail room and package management, and safety ambassador services.
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Multi-Disciplinary Workforce

Empty reception desk? Security guard called in sick? We’ve developed a dedicated, Multi-Disciplinary Workforce that can take on new challenges on the turn of a dime, helping our clients conquer in-the-moment operational challenges.
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Tech-Driven Approach

Our staff are supported by a proprietary digital stack, putting the power to seamlessly manage building logistics in their hands.
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REEF Concierge

Queue Management

REEF Q, our pedestrian management platform, helps to seamlessly control foot traffic hot spots – like front desks and elevator lobbies.
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A REEF concierge helps a tenant check-out their delivery

Package Logistics

Our mail room management platform receives and tracks packages, sends tenant notifications, and supports the execution of contact-less delivery.
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Our scheduling toolkit provides a digital framework for improving building safety, staff efficacy, and visitor accountability – all while alleviating building management’s administrative burden.
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Closer Customers.

Happier Communities.

Growing Businesses.

REEF is here to help.