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Bringing COVID-19
vaccinations to
the neighborhood

Create calm, stress-free vaccination
environments across the nation in 30 days or less.

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Render of a REEF vaccine village

Vaccine Distribution

REEF is transforming key pieces of urban real estate into vaccine villages: dedicated, park-like areas for our healthcare partners to administer COVID-19 vaccinations to
communities coast-to-coast.
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Make it

Ditch the crowded waiting room. Avoid the impersonal stadium experience. REEF’s vaccine villages are friendly, welcoming environments professionally designed with
communities in mind.
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Render of a parking lot transformed into a vaccine village

Physical Distance,
Digital Connection

Manage your customer flow in compliance with Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

REEF Q, our digital queue management platform, keeps patients in control of their vaccination experience with appointment scheduling and real-time waitlist updates.
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Closer Customers.

Happier Communities.

Growing Businesses.

REEF is here to help.