Welcome to the future of parking. Much more than a place to store your car.

With REEF's technology and innovation, a simple parking space becomes the start of a hub for connectivity and consumer data collection.

For decades, the potential for parking facilities has been untapped. Until now. Each REEF hub is the center of an ecosystem that brings people and businesses together through a frictionless driver experience, collects valuable data and insights for the landlords, and provides new income streams that future proof the parking assets.

Parking perfected through technology-driven innovation

New License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology

Increased safety for businesses and consumers

Optimized Digital Platform

Intuitive kiosks for convenient payment options and information sharing

Valet Service

Enhanced offering and consumer experience

Full Service Suite of Parking Operations

Commercial, stadium/venues/events, retail, residential, municipal, healthcare, education/campus, hospitality/campus, office/campus, and airports

Data Collection

Invaluable consumer data for landlords to optimize property value

Interconnected Network

As part of the REEF, every parking lot is part of the largest network in North America

1.3 million spaces

Over 4800 locations across the leading markets throughout North America, and growing.

Our Parking Network