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Security Solutions

Protection with

REEF Security Guards

REEF Security Solutions deliver a superior workforce and advanced technology. Each of our protective services is designed to reduce risk at your property while making your tenants and visitors’ lives easier.

Security Solutions

Our Solutions

Security Guard

Professional Security

Professional on-site security officers and mobile patrol services, with exceptional supervision, training and personnel selection programs.
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REEF Security Car

Marked Vehicle Patrols

Patrol verification technology utilizing the exclusive REEF Tech Stack including the TrackTik® automated Incident Reporting application and devices, providing you with access to your security program from anywhere with a click of the mouse.
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Thermal Screening

Thermal screening to detect the body temperatures of building visitors – and deter incoming health threats.
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Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring to inspire confidence with personable virtual escorts, virtual access control, virtual safety patrols and more.
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Your On-Site
Security Expert

We choose our employees carefully, which means you will have competent patrol and on-site officers providing your services – all of the time. Every REEF security professional completes CX-centric training infused with best practices from across the globe.

A comprehensive criminal background check, a National Criminal History report and Social Security verification checks are performed on each officer before they are hired to work for REEF Security. By standard, all our officers hold security licenses specific to your state, are drug tested and trained by state-certified security trainers.

REEF Security Guards

Security Solutions

Request a Security Assessment​

Need to strengthen your security program? We’re here to help. Our complimentary security assessments provide on- and off-site security recommendations that reduce risk and drive the positive outcomes you desire.

Contact us at to receive a tailored security assessment.

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