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Retail & eCommerce Solutions

Deliver to customers
faster than ever.
All day, every day.

REEF’s proximity platform gives retail businesses the means to thrive in the on-demand economy. Using our unparalleled network of over 4,500 locations, we can provide you with fast, safe, and reliable order fulfillment—24 hours a day, faster than ever.

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Generate more eCommerce sales—seamlessly

REEF works with retail partners to generate eCommerce sales through a range of direct-to-consumer digital platforms and storefronts.

Here are some of the ways we can support you.


Manage your digital storefronts as usual. Once consumers click “purchase”, we’ll do the rest. Our digital stack blends with the back-end of your website for a seamless, one-step order fulfillment process.



Seed new markets—and make more sales. We’ll stock your products on REEF’s network of direct-to-consumer digital storefronts. Need a boost? Our retail marketing team will create organic and paid strategies that drive transactions.



Provide us with bulk inventory. We’ll generate eCommerce sales on your behalf through REEF-managed digital storefronts. Our multi-national agreements with the major delivery apps allow us to leverage industry best practices to move stock quickly.


Rise above Dark Retail

Recent macro events have massively accelerated the growth of eCommerce. Total monthly online spending is up as much as +77% year-over-year—a trajectory that puts a major strain on traditional order fulfillment methods.

Some retailers have opened dark stores in response. Unlike traditional retail locations, dark stores aren’t consumer facing. Instead, they act as micro pick-and-pack warehouses dedicated to fulfilling online orders.

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Order acceptance

Pick & pack


In transit


It starts with a click. Our digital stack accepts orders the instant they’re placed, eliminating unnecessary downtime.

Our fulfillment team hit the ground running using a multi-tiered system that minimizes replenishment times and provides economies of scale.

Our presence in high-density areas allows drivers to stage prior to picking up orders—and our user-friendly hub configurations make parking a breeze.

Proximity? It’s a win-win. Being closer to your consumers means they spend less time waiting—and your products spend less time in transit.

Deliver to customers’ doorsteps or our network of temperature-controlled drop-off points in residential and commercial buildings—or both.

REEF has the solution. The key? Proximity.

But just like regular warehouses, dark stores have been pushed to peri-urban areas by the cost and scarcity of urban real estate. This takes you further from customers—and further from the ability to fulfill on-demand orders.

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Store Inventory Closer to Customers

Our fully staffed micro-fulfillment centers are situated in densely populated areas, combining the efficacy of a standard dark store solution with a unique value proposition: 24/7 delivery in 30 minutes or less.


Using peri-urban warehouses takes you away from customers and makes you reliant on road infrastructure. REEF’s micro-fulfillment centers and e-cargo bike fleet provide a smarter solution that unlocks urban-dwelling customers making in-the-moment purchases.

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Delivery isn’t cheap—and brick-and-mortar market expansion can be cost prohibitive. REEF’s proximity platform provides a new way to fulfill orders quickly and reliably—without encroaching on your profit margins.

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Next-day delivery has become the norm—and same-day will be quick to follow. REEF’s proximity to your customers empowers you to deliver 24/7 in 30 minutes or less.

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Order accuracy

Multi-party fulfillment processes lead to inventory management delays and errors. REEF helps retailers—particularly grocers—to simplify and automate their processes to avoid fulfilling orders with missing/substituted items.

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Cold chain management

Traditional delivery channels just aren’t suited to frozen products. REEF’s proximity to customers reduces product travel times to help your orders arrive in perfect condition—just one reason why we’re the partner of choice for many major ice cream brands.

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Meet customer demand—fast

From micro-fulfillment centers for inventory management to e-cargo bikes for quick delivery, REEF’s proximity platform streamlines online order fulfillment.

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