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We help you transform your kitchen and other spaces into a REEF Vessel that enhances the guest experience and generates new sources of income for your property.

A REEF Vessel is configured to operate multiple F&B and retail brands from your property and generates income by serving your guests and the neighbourhood.

This calculator will help you understand the additional income you could earn with a REEF vessel on your property.


Your Income = Rental Income + Go-to-Market Channel Income

  • Rental income: either a fixed fee of €1,000 per month or a variable fee of 5% of all net sales generated by the Vessel.
  • Go-to-Market Channel Income: earn a commission on the net sales generated directly in-hotel from your guests of 10% of net sales minus transaction processing fees.

Let's find out how much you can earn!


Total Vessel Sales = Sales to your neighbourhood + Sales to your guests

Here is our estimate of the delivery sales to you neighbourhood a Vessel could generate on your property

Sales to your neighbourhood

Daily net sales

Yearly net sales

i. Bottom 25% Estimate


This is the minimum value expected for the sustainability of the operations

ii. Base Estimate


This is the expected sales value calculated for your location based on its Geoscore

iii. Top 25% Estimate


Our best Vessels sell over €1.5 million yearly. How much do you think your Vessel will generate?

Now tell us how much F&B demand you think can be generated by your guests. 


What % of your guests do you think will place food orders on premise?

We suggest between €20-€30 depending on the profile of your guests

iv. Daily estimated Vessel net sales to your guests (€)


v. Yearly estimated Vessel net sales to your guests (€)


Daily estimated Vessel sales = Number of rooms * Guests per room * Occupancy rate * Guest conversion rate * Average Order Value
Average order value is net of any applicable taxes, discounts and refunds.

Let's look at the total estimated sales for your vessel

Based on your figures and our estimates here is how much total sales volume we expect the Vessel at your property to generate

Total daily Vessel sales (€)

Total yearly Vessel sales (€)

vi. Bottom 25% Estimate


vii. Base Estimate


viii. Top 25% Estimate

Total Vessel Sales = Sales to your neighbourhood + Sales to your guests
All figures presented as net sales

Now let's look at the income you will earn

First, let’s estimate the Rental Income you will earn based on the model you select

Fixed fee model

Simple, receive a fixed payment of €1,000

A. Monthly Fixed Rental Income (€)


B. Yearly Fixed Rental Income (€)


Yearly Income = Monthly Fee * 12

Variable fee model

In the variable fee model your Rental Income is 5% of the Total Vessel Sales generate on your property.

C. Yearly Variable Rental Income (€)


Based on bottom 25% estimate


Based on base estimate


Based on top 25% estimate

Yearly Rental Income = 5% * Total Vessel Sales

Now, let’s see the Go-to-Market Channel income you will earn

D. Yearly Go-to-market Channel income (€)


Yearly Go-to-market Channel income = Yearly estimated Vessel net sales to your guests*(10% fee -transaction processing fees)
Transaction processing fees are estimated and likely to vary between 1% and 3%. Example above is based on a 3% transaction processing fee.

It's time to see the total income your property can earn from a REEF Vessel

Fixed Rental Income +
Go-to-Market Channel Income

Variable Rental Income +
Go-to-Market Channel Income



Bottom 25%
Yearly Estimate

(([low_delivery]+[in_house_daily])*365*0.05) + ([in_house_daily]*365*0.07)

Yearly Estimate

([rooms]*[occupancy]*[guests]/100*[conversion]/100*[aov]*365+[location]*365)*0.05 + ([in_house_daily]*365*0.07)

Top 25%
Yearly Estimate

(([high_delivery]+[in_house_daily])*365*0.05) + ([in_house_daily]*365*0.07)

The figures presented here are estimates and do not represent a commitment of any type on behalf of REEF or it’s affiliates. Actual results may vary on a case by case basis.


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