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NBRHD Career

Building more equitable economic opportunities in our neighborhoods.

Careers for All

The NBRHD Career Initiative doesn’t just create jobs in our neighborhoods: by growing careers, it builds stronger futures.

Local Partners

We partner with cities’ best workforce development programs, from non-profits working with underserved communities, to academic institutions building stronger futures for their students. Together, we establish accessible pipelines based on the needs of each organization and their community, focused not only on increasing the likelihood of hiring and training local employees, but also on creating long-term, meaningful jobs in the community.

How We Work

The NBRHD Career Initiative starts with our commitment to hiring.

We make individualized hiring commitments with each of our partner organizations, and each has their own operational plan and partner at REEF to make sure that opportunities are created in their communities. As we build new solutions, we harness our power to achieve economic equity together.

Where We Work

We’re pleased to acknowledge our partners as the NBRHD Career Initiative goes live in the following cities, with more locations around the world coming soon.


Join Us

Do you have a vision for creating more equitable access to jobs and career opportunities in neighborhoods in your city? We’re looking for partners, and we want to hear from you. Email Us here to learn more about partnering with REEF on our NBRHD Career Initiative.

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Happier Communities.

Growing Businesses.

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