Aloha Poke Exploring Ghost Kitchen Concept with REEF Kitchens

Wednesday, Nov 04, 2020 - 4 mins

Franchise Eyeing Major Metropolitan City for Pilot Program

CHICAGO, IL (Nov. 4, 2020) -- Aloha Poke, the nation's premier fast-casual poke restaurant concept, announced today it is entering into an agreement with REEF's Kitchens, a leading ghost kitchen operator, as a way to introduce the restaurant's high-quality food and sustainable sourcing practices into new urban markets. The markets under consideration for Aloha Poke's first location with REEF are Dallas, Miami, or Atlanta.

As a licensed operator, REEF's team will prepare and serve Aloha Poke's menu of fresh, protein-packed, sashimi-grade fish and mostly raw ingredients which will be available via third-party delivery platforms like UberEats, Grubhub and Doordash. REEF is among the most successful ghost kitchen concepts in the nation, operating out of many of its many 4,500 parking lot locations throughout the country, reaching 70% of North America's urban population. Built on the delivery and quick serve carry-out concept, ghost kitchens are set up in mobile vessels, outfitted to operate as full functioning kitchen and food preparation units.

"Ghost kitchens are an interesting, turnkey solution to bring the Aloha Poke fast casual concept to a larger population of people in the largest urban areas of the country," said Paul Tripodes, VP, Franchise Development, Aloha Poke. "We are excited to work with REEF and feel this is a great way to introduce our brand to new, urban markets ahead of traditional brick and mortar development while strengthening the Aloha Poke brand, built on serving clean, nutritious, healthy foods sourced through the latest sustainable sourcing practices, into new markets."

Ghost kitchens have gained popularity for a unique build-out model offering restaurant brands a way to bring their food offerings to more people, test market viability, and attract potential brick and mortar franchisees. The mobility and reach offered by ghost kitchen ecosystems enable underutilized real estate, like Reef Kitchen's 4500 parking lot locations, to be tailored toward introducing diverse food offerings in population-packed neighborhoods.

Based in Chicago, Aloha Poke currently operates 19 locations in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, and Washington, D.C. In addition to the brand's health-forward menu and simplified operations, franchise restaurant investors take an interest in Aloha Poke because of its attractive initial capital requirements, unit economics, and appealing sales-to-investment figures.

Aloha Poke is actively seeking to grow its exciting health-forward, fast-casual concept with qualified entrepreneurs and experienced restaurant franchisees who share the brand's same passion and energy for life. Ideal Aloha Poke franchisees have restaurant operations or business management experience and share the desire to positively impact the country's need for quick, healthier food options.

About Aloha Poke Co.

Proudly serving sustainably sourced superfoods with super cool vibes, Aloha Poke Co. packs fresh, fast, and tasty bowls filled with quality ingredients blending bold flavors that rethink fast food. Starting as a food stall in downtown Chicago'sFrench Market / Ogilvie Transport Center in 2016, Aloha Poke has grown to 19 franchise locations throughout the Midwest, Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic.

To learn more about Aloha Poke Co. franchise opportunities, visit https://alohapokefranchising.com and for more information about the brand, visit the company website at https://www.alohapokeco.com.

About REEF

REEF's mission is to connect the world to your block. We transform underutilized urban spaces into neighborhood hubs that connect people to locally curated goods, services, and experiences. With an ecosystem of 4,500 locations and a team of 15,000 people, REEF is the largest operator of mobility, logistics hubs, and neighborhood kitchens in the United States. Together we are leveraging the power of proximity to keep our communities moving forward in a sustainable and thoughtful way. 



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