And we’re just getting started.

The NBRHD Restaurant Development Program is a $1.25 million development program to help local restaurants scale their delivery business.

We work hand-in-hand with restauranteurs to adapt menus, train culinary staff, and create marketing campaigns.


A NBRHD Kitchens partnership agreement

A marketing campaign valued at $12,500

Mentorship from the NBRHD Kitchens team

Access to our creative and production resources

A $12,500 financial grant

While not a requirement for this opportunity, we are especially looking to support women, people of color, Indigenous peoples, veterans, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Submit your application form, along with a written (500 words) or video (60 seconds) testimonial. Your testimonial should answer two questions:

What makes your food concept unique?

What impact does your restaurant have on your community?


The NBRHD Kitchens team will review your application and may invite you to a tasting or review with local panelists.


At least five restaurants from every city will be selected for the program. Even if your business is not selected, our team may reach out to see how else we can help.


Take the next step in your culinary career. We’re actively hiring for kitchens supervisors, line cooks, and prep cooks in cities across North America. A REEF career provides competitive compensation, bonus potential, and so much more.

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NBRHD Kitchens is REEF’s turnkey solution for the preparation, distribution, and expansion of delivery food concepts. Our unique licensing model and fully staffed delivery kitchens help restaurants grow their delivery business without any costs or overheads. Here’s how.


We’re the only family of delivery kitchens that manages every aspect of a restaurant’s delivery business.


We strategically place our NBRHD Kitchens in dense urban areas—so there’s always demand for delicious meals.


NBRHD Kitchens are quick and easy to stand up, with everything a commercial kitchen needs to produce great meals—right down to the chefs.


We’re restaurateurs—so we know how important consistency is to a restaurant’s brand. We only use ingredients, recipes, packaging, and training procedures our partners approve of.


What will I receive as a part of the program?

As a recipient of a NBRHD Restaurant Development Program, you’ll receive a marketing campaign valued at $12,500 and a full suite of services from our marketing, operations and culinary teams including:

  • A spot in REEF’s NBRHD Kitchens program
  • Food photography
  • Creative production services
  • Strategy and execution of a dedicated marketing campaign valued at $12,500
  • A culinary team to build your menu for delivery
  • Operational resources to make it easy to expand your business
  • All the infrastructure you need to expand to new neighborhoods and cities
  • A $12,500 financial grant

What happens after I submit?

After you submit your application, we’ll select a minimum of five restaurants that will move on an interview. If your restaurant is selected to advance, we will set up a call with you to go over the details of what it will be like for you to partner with us, including details of the NBRHD Kitchens platform.

If you’re not selected at this stage, you may still be contacted by our NBRHD Kitchens team to discuss a partnership outside of this program.

Who will run the marketing campaign?

You’ll have access to REEF’s entire marketing team. We’ll work side-by-side with you to make sure the campaign reflects your restaurant’s brand, but we’ll handle the production, strategy and execution of the campaign itself. The marketing campaign will depend on what your specific restaurant needs – from professional food photography to video content for social. We want to make this as easy for you as possible.

Will I get approval over the campaign and the assets created?

Yes. You’ll have approval over the campaign and assets created for your specific restaurant campaign.

Where will the marketing campaign run?

The marketing campaign for your restaurant will be different for each restaurant and focused on driving sales to your business through the delivery platforms. Each marketing campaign may combine offers on the delivery platforms, social media, digital display and other tactics.

Will this marketing campaign be just about my restaurant?

The $12,500 marketing grant will be focused on driving sales to your restaurant specifically. In addition, there will be a larger marketing campaign focused on the grant itself, of which you may be a part.

How long will I be agreeing for REEF to use my restaurant in said campaign?

Our standard partnership contract is for a one year term.

How does the NBRHD Kitchens model work?

REEF operates a network of 4,500 locations across the US, Canada and Europe. Within each of these locations, we can create a series of different businesses and services – from kitchens to health centers to urban farms – depending on what our neighborhoods need.
NBRHD Kitchens is REEF’s turnkey solution for the preparation, distribution, and expansion of delivery food concepts. Our revenue share model and fully staffed delivery kitchens help restaurants grow their delivery business without any costs or overhead.

Because we operate on a revenue share model, we make money when our kitchen partners make money. We are always looking for ways to help drive toward long-term profitability for our partners and are focused on helping to establish a model that works for everyone involved – from individuals ordering from our kitchens, to the businesses operating in our kitchens.

What are NBRHD Kitchens?

Leveraging our over 4,500 parking lots and garages, REEF established a national network of kitchens, which we call NBRHD Kitchens. These spaces enable food entrepreneurs, local restaurants, and national restaurant brands to launch and quickly expand their delivery businesses.

Using this model, NBRHD Kitchens can help lower the barriers and costs associated with opening a restaurant while helping to bring fresh, healthy food to local neighborhoods.

To date, NBRHD Kitchens has dozens of restaurants and food brands operating in over 100 kitchens across 20 cities.

Will this compete with my existing business?

No. Our partnership is meant to be additive to your existing business. We can expand the neighborhoods you deliver to, the cities you’re in or even help you launch new concepts. For each partner, we carve out a geographic area based on your current delivery zone to make sure that we are only providing additional revenue on top of your existing business.

Will REEF own any part of my business?

No. You will continue to own your business and brand.

Will I retain the rights to my recipes, brand, likeness, etc?

Yes. You retain all rights to all aspects of your brand and business. As a part of NBRHD Kitchens, you will give us the right to promote your brand and to sell your menu products as we help you expand your business through delivery.

Will I be responsible for setting up the operations, distribution and supply chain?

No. REEF will handle all distribution, supply and culinary operations.

Where will my customers be able to order my food?

Your customers will be able to order your food from the delivery platforms that deliver to their neighborhood. We work with all the major delivery services including UberEats, DoorDash, Seamless, and GrubHub.

Can I hire my own culinary team to work on my business with REEF?

We are always looking for great culinary talent and we’d love to have the opportunity to hire from your teams. To apply for our NBRHD Kitchens jobs click here.

What if I have more questions?

You can contact Kerry Steib (kerry.steib@reeftechnology.com) with any questions about the program or application.

What does all the legal language in the Ts&Cs mean?

We know that legal language can be confusing. In partnership with our legal team, we want to make the terms and conditions as easy to understand. Of course, we still strongly suggest you read the terms and conditions in full.


We want to make applying to this program as easy as possible, but there are a few things we need to include.

  • You can’t be a current or former employee of REEF Technology, a current or former contractor, or a current or former partner on NBRHD Kitchens to apply to the program.
  • You must be a legal resident of Canada at least 18 years of age and you must be a local business owner who is authorized to contract with REEF Technology on behalf of your business.
  • You must meet all the application criteria including:
    • You must own and operate fewer than three locations of your restaurant brand.
    • At least one of those restaurants (preferably all of them) must be within the city limits of the city or territory listed in the Program Rules, as the boundaries of the applicable city are defined on the date the program commences.
    • You must fully complete the application including submitting a video or written piece about your restaurant and accepting the terms and conditions.
    • You must submit your application before 11:59 pm on June 27th, 2021.
  • We may reject your application if it doesn’t meet the above criteria or otherwise comply with the full rules.


We may use the materials you submit in your application in marketing (like our social posts).

  • Don’t submit anything that you’d consider a trade secret or that you do not want to be shared publicly. We don’t need this information for the application.
  • You retain the ownership rights to anything you submit but when you submit, you do grant us the ability to use those materials in our own marketing including social posts, email, paid advertising and more.
  • We also might not use it.


We want to help as many restaurants as possible, in the ways that are going to work best for them.

  • In the first round of the program, a panel of people selected by us will help select which participants of the program will move forward based on culinary concept (33.4%), potential for delivery success on REEF’s platform (33.3%) and chef story (33.3%). Please read the full terms and conditions for more information on these categories.
  • We’ll select up to ten restaurants to move on to an additional interview. We’re excited to meet you.
  • Before you decide if you want to participate in the tasting, REEF team members will contact you to go over the program in detail, including the contract that you will sign in order to enter into an ongoing business relationship with us. You can then decide if you want to move forward or not.
  • Even if you don’t participate in the tasting, a REEF team member may still contact you to discuss NBRHD Kitchens partnerships. We want to support as many restaurants as we can.


Here’s what you can expect if you’re selected. A minimum of five restaurants per city will be selected.

  • First, you’ll also sign a publicity release (letting us use your approved likeness in marketing and promotional materials) and a standard non-disclosure agreement (which basically states that we will both keep what we discuss between us).
  • Next, you’ll sign a NBRHD Kitchens revenue partnership agreement which grants REEF a license to use your trademarks and to sell certain branded products for delivery.
  • We’ll work with you on everything from menu development and adaptation for delivery platforms to the marketing campaign.
  • You will have approval over the marketing campaign. We’ll provide the funding, creative and production.

Can I apply if my restaurant closed in 2020 due to the pandemic?

Yes. Please apply and make a note that your current location had closed in the last year.


For media inquiries, contact