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Hospitality Solutions

Room service,

Give guests five-star meals, snacks, and service—no capital or overhead required.

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Profitable Room Service? It’s here.

It’s no secret: most hotels lose money on their in-room dining service. Round-the-block labor, non-profitable meal periods, and perishable inventory push operating costs sky-high—but the price for failing to meet guest expectations is even higher.

Introducing: NBRHD

REEF provides hotels with on-demand food and beverage capabilities at no capital, labor, or operational cost. We call it NBRHD Hospitality: a hybrid kitchen and retail model powered by REEF’s NBRHD Kitchens.

Offsite Preparation,
On-Site Experience

Through the NBRHD Hospitality program, your hotel will receive culinary support from a local NBRHD Kitchen. Our staff will prepare and deliver guest orders as if from your own kitchen—each meticulously prepared and white-labelled with your hotel’s desired branding.

What is a NBRHD

NBRHD Kitchens are purpose-built commercial kitchens that fulfill food delivery orders for the local community. They prepare meals for up to four food brands while occupying as little as three
parking spaces.

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Choose Your Menu

Pick menus from our existing restaurant partners—including food concepts by James Beard Award-winning chefs—or white label your own, chef-prepared menu.

Poolside Service

Luxury is never having to leave your sun lounger. REEF’s NBRHD Hospitality solution is fully staffed with ambassadors that can deliver food, convenience, and white-glove service—wherever your guests choose to enjoy it.

Order in a Tap

Skip the app. Our web-based platform can integrate directly with your hotel’s billing system or allow guests to pay directly with their digital wallet of choice.

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How it works

Choose the food and convenience items you want to make available to guests.

Guests use our web-based platform— white-labelled with your hotel’s branding—to order.

A NBRHD Hospitality ambassador delivers the order to help services or right to your guests.

Excite and delight your guests with convenience, variety, and service.
Build your hotel’s custom food and beverage solution today.