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NBRHD Kitchens:
Zero-Cost Growth
For Restaurants

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    Turnkey: We’re the only family of delivery kitchens that manages every aspect of a restaurant’s delivery business.

    Efficiency: NBRHD Kitchens are quick and easy to stand up, with everything a commercial kitchen needs to produce great meals—right down to the chefs.

    Proximity: We strategically place our NBRHD Kitchens in dense urban areas—so there’s always demand for delicious meals.

    Consistency: We’re restaurateurs—so we know how important consistency is to a restaurant’s brand. We only use ingredients, recipes, packaging, and training procedures our partners approve of.

    Ghost Kitchens vs. NBRHD Kitchens

    While cheaper than brick-and-mortar expansion, most ghost kitchen providers still expect restaurant owners to shoulder the burden of staffing and inventory—and in addition to rent, you might even pay a monthly fee.

    REEF’s NBRHD Kitchens model is different. We’re the only delivery kitchens partner that manages every aspect of your delivery business for you, including site selection, staffing, stock management, and more.

    Licensing Model

    Unlike ghost kitchen providers that demand a monthly fee, NBRHD Kitchens operates on a licensing model. That means we won’t make money until you do.

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