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Proximity as a service

Bringing You
Closer to Your

Connecting retail and logistics partners with a last-block fulfillment infrastructure that reaches up to 70% of North America’s urban population.


Reach More People

REEF’s 4,800-location network touches 70% of North America’s densely populated urban areas. To this expansive footprint, we‘ve layered modular warehouses and direct-to-consumer lockers; patented logistics and inventory management technology; and a dedicated courier and e-cargo bike fleet.

The result? A powerful ecosystem of micro-distribution centers located within the communities you serve—and a Proximity as a Service partner like no other.


Create a Greener Delivery Model

Let’s take delivery vans out of our neighborhoods. REEF’s micro-distribution infrastructure empowers our delivery partners – like DHL – to adopt eco-friendly methods of transport for last-block fulfillment.

For direct-to-consumer businesses, our couriers and e-cargo bike fleet can quickly and cleanly deliver packages to homes and businesses.


Support the
Neighborhood Economy

REEF helps property owners transform their parking assets into micro-distribution centers, in turn connecting the surrounding community with the goods and services they need.


Make Order Fulfillment Faster

Inventory Management

Easily manage inventory with proprietary technology specifically developed to facilitate on-demand delivery.
REEF Vessel

Modular Distribution

Store retail inventory, refrigerated and frozen goods – even full meals – within our proprietary distribution vessels.

Available 24/7

Safely work around the clock to fulfill your consumer base’s growing appetite for on-demand orders.

Closer Customers.

Happier Communities

Growing Businesses.

REEF is here to help.