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REEF Launches Seattle Microhub With Zero Operating Emissions to Facilitate Last-Mile Delivery

Thursday, Jun 17, 2021 - 2 mins


Introducing the Seattle Neighborhood Delivery Hub

REEF is excited to announce the launch of our Seattle hub in partnership with the University of Washington’s Urban Freight Lab (UFL), the Seattle Department of TransportationBrightDropCoaster Cycles, and AxleHire. The project brings together multiple innovators of delivery solutions to create one of the nation’s first sustainable last-mile neighborhood delivery hubs. 

Using technology to achieve zero operating emissions, the pilot, named Seattle Neighborhood Delivery Hub, allows innovative delivery providers to more quickly and efficiently test new vehicles, delivery models, and technologies—all in service of bringing eco-friendly technologies to market faster. The pilot will run through July 7, 2021. 

REEF is providing the hub’s real estate as well as operating a Neighborhood Kitchen on-site. The kitchen will prepare online food orders for delivery, without any front-of-house operations, reducing overhead costs for restaurateurs and providing fast and less expensive meal options for customers.

The hub will also house:

  • A common-carrier parcel locker, providing neighbors secure and contactless package delivery from all major carriers in an energy-efficient model, enabling neighbors to complete their own final mile.
  • A cargo-bike delivery service enabling zero operating emissions last-mile goods transport by safe, neighborhood-friendly vehicles.

The project supports the City of Seattle’s Transportation Electrification Blueprint by bringing zero operating emissions technology to last-mile delivery. REEF’s Head of Physical Product, Bill Sleeth, said, “Seattle’s Uptown neighborhood has become a hotbed of local delivery innovations, and we are thankful to the city for working with us in launching this pilot.” 

REEF is proud to be part of a project that connects neighborhoods and advances our mission of creating walkable 15-minute cities. Through the development of last-mile logistics centers, REEF is working to reduce congestion, pollution, and traffic while allowing people to focus on the things they love to do rather than things they need to do.

Closer Customers.

Happier Communities.

Growing Businesses.

REEF is here to help.