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REEF Applauds Unanimous Passage of Groundbreaking Policy Framework for Mobile Operation Units

Thursday, Apr 22, 2021 - 2 mins


For the first time ever, Miami’s new ordinance creates a model for cities to regulate app-based delivery and virtual kitchens.

Miami commissioners have passed a new ordinance that creates the first legislative model to ever exist for mobile operation units, sometimes referred to as virtual kitchens.

“We’re thrilled with the announcement today and thank the Mayor and the Commission for their confidence in what we’re trying to build,” said REEF CEO Ari Ojalvo.  “Most cities have regulations governing brick and mortar establishments and food trucks, but no existing framework in place for what falls in between; with this policy Miami is setting a global example.”

City Commissioner Ken Russell introduced the legislation for the 1-year mobile operation unit pilot program and applauded his fellow commissioners’ support of the ordinance. “If this past year has taught us anything, it is that municipal government needs to adapt quickly. This pilot program is a positive step forward that embraces new technology, while also meeting the evolving needs of Miami residents,” said Russell.  

The new legislation and pilot program comes at an important time for restaurants and businesses struggling to adapt to app-based and digital ordering programs that have become essential in the modern on-demand economy.

REEF’s last-block neighborhood kitchens and urban mobility hubs are likely to remain a key asset for local communities in Miami and elsewhere. With the uncertainties of cities re-opening, many consumers will continue to order delivery online as a safer, more convenient alternative to on-site dining. And for local food brands, operating with a virtual kitchen, instead of a storefront, may help ease the economic strain caused by the pandemic and allow them to stay afloat.

“Fostering technology and creativity requires policymaking that’s flexible, open-minded and open to new ways of doing things,” said Miami Mayor Francis Suarez. “We are proud to work with REEF and other technology companies in the area to create an innovation-friendly environment, and we believe this first-of-its-kind policy initiative will serve as a model for cities around the world.”

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