In The News: January & February Highlights

Friday, Mar 05, 2021

Miami Looking to Be The Next Silicon Valley (CBS4)

Before WeWork and Tesla spotted Miami's potential, there was REEF. CBS4 reported on Miami Mayor Francis Suarez's efforts to transform the city into a tech hub. Phillippe Saint-Just, REEF's co-founder and SVP of Product, offered his take:

"We bet on Miami a long time ago. It's great to see that Miami is finally being recognized by the rest of the country for what it can offer to tech companies like us and others."

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Q&A With REEF’s Ari Ojalvo: Challenging The Conventional Path (Refresh Miami)

REEF challenges convention in the pursuit of more livable neighborhoods—an approach that's inspired $1 billion of funding along the way. Nancy Dahlberg spoke with REEF CEO Ari Ojalvo about the company's exceptional growth.

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David Chang’s Ghost Kitchen ‘Fuku’ Is Coming to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor (Baltimore Sun)

REEF has brought Fuku's fiery fast-casual menu to another brand new market: Baltimore. The restaurant's iconic chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers, and waffle fries are now available through Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub and Postmates.

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Join Us In Miami! Love, Masters Of The Universe (New York Times)

Some of the country's top talent is ditching the bustle of Wall Street and sun of Silicon Valley in favor of our hometown: Miami. REEF's Natalia Martinez-Kalinina shared how she's welcoming newcomers to Miami's booming tech scene.

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Ari Ojalvo and Mayor Francis Suarez in Conversation (Twitter)

What if a parking lot was more than a lot? REEF CEO Ari Ojalvo sat down with Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez to discuss how REEF's neighborhood hubs are allowing businesses—especially restaurants—to evolve in the on-demand age. Mayor Suarez said:

"Oftentimes people like you—you know, geniuses—will look at a problem and you'll re-engineer the solution in a way that we hadn't thought of."

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Your Delivery Order May Be Cooked in a Parking Garage (Heated)

Heated contributor Marisel Salazar watched our NBRHD Kitchens chefs expertly prepare a Fuku order—then pondered REEF's potential for "Starbucks-level density".

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Miami-Based Restaurant Development Program Aims to Help Scale Delivery Business (NBC 6)

NBC 6 reporter Laura Rodriguez introduced Miami to the NBRHD Restaurant Development Program: our $1 million initiative dedicated to helping local restaurants grow their delivery business.

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