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Grow with us. At REEF, you’ll join a team of passionate and ambitious professionals working at the forefront of urban innovation.

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what our employees are saying

“I am so grateful to be at a place that cannot only survive during a pandemic but flourish; a place where I can make a real impact on the development of the culture of my team and company.”

Michael Turrow,
Senior Launch Coordinator

“I love working at REEF because I have gotten the opportunity to be involved in many different projects, and have learned more than I would have anywhere else. Each day I go to work I know that I can, and will, make a difference and create value.”

Natalia Ilina,
Senior Associate of Growth

“Completing a decade at REEF is one of my greatest accomplishments. Being surrounded by world class talent has allowed me to grow professionally every day. I am looking forward to spending many more years with REEF, and contributing to its growth.”

Philippe Renard,
Senior HR Manager

“When REEF approached me to help build kitchens operations, I saw a once in a lifetime opportunity to be impactful on a larger scale. I could help impact the lives of my employees, co-workers, customers and neighborhoods! By Bringing the world to people’s block, we could effectively transform the neighborhood and impact the lives of the people living there.”

Firas Louati,
Head of Operational Excellence 

“Being a part of REEF has been the highlight of my career. The excitement surrounding our atmosphere is one of the most motivational factors that I have encountered to date. So many people working in parallel towards bringing the proximity of Neighborhood Kitchens, Groceries, Parking, Energy and Healthcare to your block.”

Adam Robin,
VP of Growth

“I am consistently impressed with the caliber of people that I work alongside at REEF. They are without a doubt some of the most dedicated, intelligent and talented people I have had the pleasure of working with. Even as the company continues to grow, we remain focused on the objective of the business, but also equally on the positive impact we can and are determined to have on the communities in which we are able to operate.”

Justin Leve,
SVP of Brand Success


What’s Important to Us

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Be Bold

Dream big and
go get it

Be Curious

Have a learner’s mindset

Show Grit

Fall down seven times get up eight

Be True

Be your
authentic self

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