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REEF Applications

Transforming Real Estate to Improve Everyday Life

REEF transforms underutilized real estate into dynamic hubs of activity that offer diverse solutions to serve the needs of the ever-evolving urban population.


Scalable Possibility

REEF’s platform enables you to reach your customers faster and more effectively than ever before. The platform’s modular nature allows dozens of applications to flourish and expand through our urban ecosystem.

what we offer

Our Applications

REEF provides a variety of tailored applications
to serve each community.

Distribution & Logistics

REEF distribution and logistics hubs utilize idle parking spaces for fulfillment centers and last-block deliveries.

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Neighborhood Kitchens

Neighborhood Kitchens enable restaurants – from local heroes to national brands – to reach 70% of the North American urban population by providing turnkey solutions for food preparation, delivery, and fulfillment.

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Parking and Real Estate Solutions

Parking & Real Estate Solutions

We use technology to provide a cost effective, data rich, frictionless, and connected parking experience. REEF also offers real estate solutions for residential and commercial buildings, combining the latest technology and trained ambassadors.

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Through our government and healthcare partnerships, REEF provides an array of healthcare services and platforms from testing sites to urgent care walk-in clinics.

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Convenience & Grocery

Our ability to warehouse, fulfill, and deliver makes REEF the ideal partner for grocery and convenience providers. Being on your customers’ block means that your orders are quick, convenient, and always fresh.

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We offer ride-share buffer zones, ride-share sanitization, electric car charging, e-bike and e-scooter docks, and drone and helicopter landing pads.

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Urban real estate that is car-ready and spacious is the perfect venue for socially distanced activations and open-air experiences. We offer a turnkey entertainment solution right in the heart of your neighborhood.

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Urban Farming

Why get your vegetables from miles away when they are growing on your block? REEF’s real estate network provides the ideal space for urban farmers to flourish and grow, all while improving the air quality and beauty of our cities.

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Open-Minded Innovation

Entrepreneurs, engineers, and companies looking to bring their products closer to their customers, welcome to REEF. We are open to exploring new and exciting possibilities we have yet to imagine. We encourage you to become our partner in the evolution of urban living.


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